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 Providing a Toolkit to Help Leaders Take Ownership of Their Success 


Positive Leadership


Discover the principles behind positive psychology through an inspiring and motivational learning experience.  Positive Psychology focuses on enhancing well-being and on the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing and optimal functioning of people, groups, and institutions. Combined with coaching and mindfulness practices, Elina's experiential workshops are designed to unlock and sustain each participant’s full potential.

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Working Together



Commit to transformative benefits in your people. The multi-workshop series teaches participants the tools to “rewire” the brain and implement positive psychology principles into their personal and professional lives. It is designed to fuel peak performance, foster values and purpose, enhance social and emotional intelligence and increase focus and resilience.

See a sample agenda.


Lawyers' Lab


Based on Elina's signature course at Fordham Law School, this multi-workshop series explores how developments in positive psychology (the science of what makes people and institutions flourish) and executive coaching can be leveraged to produce peak performance lawyering.  Elina explores the research surrounding lawyer well-being and performance, and how certain cognitive and behavioral patterns that are pervasive in the legal profession prevent many lawyers from being as happy, healthy, or successful as they could be.  It also focus on equipping participants with a toolkit of science-backed skills and strategies they can use to counteract these maladaptive thought and behavioral patterns in order to achieve greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.


Topics include resilience, character strengths, social and emotional intelligence, the power of positive emotions, high-quality connections, creativity, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

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teams we've worked with

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The Lightup Lab has visited our office twice, each time bringing something unique and new to the space. They hosted a session addressing focus. With empirical evidence, guided meditation, and a short journaling session, I believe everyone walked away with a better sense of how they can improve their our own productivity in the workplace. We enjoyed it so much they came back for another session, this time focusing on creativity. Highly recommend working with LightUp Lab! 

avery chung, senior community associate | wework

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